Friday, February 27, 2009

drum roll please...

First off, thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. BIG thanks to everyone who blogged about it. I so enjoyed checking each and everyone of your blogs out. Thank you for all your kind words- I wish I had time to redesign each of your blogs!

I was able to pick a winner by writing down everyones name and gave everyone a number. I gave those who blogged about it two numbers that I went to and had them pick the number for me.

The number chosen was...

"14" happened to be A Bella Life. Congratulations! I can't wait to work with you:)

Thanks again to everyone, and please stay tuned to this blog and my etsy shop. I plan to have my etsy shop stocked in about a month with all sorts of blog packages, a la carte items, and goodies and will update this blog as often as I can with new blog designs, tutorials, useful information, and pretty things to look at.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

latest blog designs

Click to see -------> Just did the Shannon Morgan Potography type design and placement in the header and the navbar here:)

Click to see-------->

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello again dear friends! I really feel I must apologize for the lack of posts I have had as of recent, but I am afraid I only have more bad news. The lack of post trend will probably continue. I have been feeling super sick as I am in my first trimester and hopefully will have a healthy baby come Fall (yay!). But, because of the constant 'ickyness' that is the first trimester I have really lacked in motivation to spend additional time at my computer. Between designing for customers, keeping up with blogs I follow, housework, cooking, cleaning, keeping up with my two year old, friends, family and church duties, I just don't know how other people do it. I love blogging, but really I don't know if I can do it right now. (Really how do people keep up with facebook, twitter, blogging, gardening, cooking, crafting, and ALL that everyone seems to do?)

To make up for this I have decided to go ahead and do a giveaway as I had promised long ago, but wanted all my ducks in a row before posting it. As it turns out, my ducks aren't looking like they are going to be lining up perfectly any time soon, and there is no time like the present right?!

As far as what the future holds for me and this little blog I am thinking I want to focus more on designing blogs. Custom blog designs seem to be the hot items in my etsy shop, so I plan to offer more options, more packages, some premades, and hopefully some freebies. My goal is for this blog to feature all my work, all the packaging options, some tutorials, and occasionally other good finds and information. I am hoping to have the transition perfected by April. This will give me time to catch up with life, stock my store, revamp this blog a little, and feel better as I will be in my second trimester by then.

To enter the giveaway, comment below. Get an extra entry by blogging about it (and let me know in your comment). The winner will be picked two Friday's from now on February 27th!! Happy blogging to all!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

free valentine downloads

As seen on Samanth Hahn. Follow this link to see tons of cute Valentine prints from samlovesherdog on flickr.

Cupcake pendants from Vintage Glam Blog:

Bunny Cakes:

Secret Agent Josephine:

Happy Palentine's Day cards by Designed by Able:

Monday, February 2, 2009

I heart february

I'm pretty sure I have always loved Valentines day, even though I rarely had a Valentine. I think I had my first true Valentine after I had been in college for a couple of years. Never did I ever feel bitter really that I can recall {thankfully} either. I think it stems from my wonderful mother who always made Valentine's Day simply about showing love to those you love.

In my home my mom packed us school lunches with sweet notes and a special Valentine treat. And for dinner, we could always count on a super yummy meal with gifts awaiting us afterwards. The earliest gift I remember was the Dr. Suess book, Green Eggs and Ham.

It was the first book I read myself (memorized first really) and may just still be my favorite Dr. Seuss book (who am I kidding, I don't think I really can choose a favorite Seuss... maybe a top five is more realistic).

How can you not like a holiday that is centered around pink, red, hearts, flowers, and CHOCOLATE?!?! I suppose there are ways, but I say, ENJOY IT!!!

Images and recipe found here andhere.

My friend Anna is doing the most adorable thing for her husband this Valentines day. You are sure to be inspired! Read it here. The post I will link you to is the overview of what she is doing, but she gives daily updates with more details on how she did them too!!

More inspiration to come!