Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a couple new blog designs:

Here: Simply J Crochet ...I just added the background and navbar. We agreed to do some tradework- I love her work and can't wait to place my order!!!

And Here: A Bella Life...She was the winner of my recent giveaway and is getting married soon! Can't wait to see her wedding posts!!!

In other news, I am amidst official moving hustle and bustle... packing, cleaning, selling stuff on craigslist, trying to decide on if I want to mess with doing a garage sale or just donating a bunch of stuff. I'm still working on several designs for new and previous customers as well. I have everything ready to go to fill my etsy shop again as soon as we are moved into our new place and a little bit settled (I am hoping mid-May). Until then I will keep you posted on any new designs and any other fun things I can find time to show you!

Friday, April 10, 2009

trampoline mat revamp

This is the trampoline (aka "jumpit" according to my little guy) that I got at a thrift store a while back. I never liked the bright orange-ish pleather mat, so I finally got around to replacing it...

I had gotten this tablecloth for $2 on clearance at Kmart awhile back. We used it until we refinished our dining table. When we were done refinishing our dining table, the thought occured to me that it might be easy to make the new mat for the trampoline out of it since it matched the room colors and was already round. It worked great and I was able to start and finish it in one afternoon! Now we are able to enjoy the look of both our refinished dining table and re-matted trampoline:)

T-shirt Restoration

Have you ever just gotten a shirt and only worn it once before it got a hole in it? Bummer:( This happened to me recently and I had a little idea... (sorry in advance for the photography- I was lazy with the set up and lighting, but I still think you get the basic idea).

The shirt.

The problem. I tried to sew the hole up from the back, but it just didn't look very good.

The solution. I got the embroidering thread and iron on kit on clearance at Target for under $2. Make sure you iron on interfacing onto the back if you decide to give this a try.

The finished product.

The closeup.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

i know, i know

I've been very, very bad at posting to this blog. VERY. I really am sorry though and I do want to try to do better. Hopefully I can gain some sort of readership back. Just so you know I have had a pretty good excuse (at least I think so). On top of normal pregnancy first trimester sickness I have been hit with a head cold, then a flu for several days, then a major sinus infection, and am still dealing with a little residual effects of all of that and the medication I had to take to try to get rid of all of that junk in my system.

Now... on the horizon my little family and I will probably be moving at the end of this month. Because of the move in a couple of weeks I will not be stocking my etsy shop just quite yet. Fortunately I have had several people contact me that have been referrals from past customers or people that have just stumbled across my etsy shop and have kept fairly busy with a little bit of design work anyway.

So the good news is, I should have somewhere around six new blog designs to show off before the end of the month. And I plan to start posting to this blog regularly again. And I have everything ready to go to stock my etsy shop up with new packages and pricing options as soon as I have moved:) Yay!

Just to give you a little preview of some posts in the works- today I will post a few projects I have enjoyed over the past year that I have posted on my personal blog. I also have plans to show off some photographs I have taken and had some fun with in photoshop as well as share a few tips and tricks I use regularly in that wonderful program:) I will try to post anything else that strikes me as interesting and/or helpful to share as well.

Glad to be back, and hope to hear from some of you!