Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Sorry I was a total slacker on doing any cute Halloween posts. Somehow Thanksgiving seems to be here already and I figure I better post something before Christmas has arrived.

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving day inspirations:

Saw this adorable (and so much fun) kids table in this months issue of Country Living.

and then was lucky enough to find it on the web as well on it's creator's blog. I say, do this at the adult table too!!

This idea from Real Simple would be super cute coupled with the idea above:

Real Simple's more sophisticated table-scape is right up my alley also.

I also love the idea of sending cute "doggie bags" home with dinner guests (again from Country Living)!

Wanna see some pics from my Halloween? Click here.

Have some leftover Halloween candy? Save it for making Gingerbread creations!

Want some inspiration for next year's Halloween? This was my favorite homemade costume idea I saw this year.