Thursday, March 1, 2012

See you there!!

Guess what?!

I've been working on creating a new blog. I've been wanting to combine my fresh designs blog and my fresh fotos blog into one wonderful new blog for quite some time now. And today is the official move day!

I have one post up for the time being and over the course of the next few weeks plan to fill it with sample photography, designs, and whatever else I feel like (including giveaways and freebies). In the past I have had the goal to blog every day with a public blog and I have gotten overwhelmed really fast! So I am shooting for once or twice a week with the new blog.

I've also added some stuff to my etsy shop and have sold a few things! Woohoo.

Feel free to help me spread the word. I'm hoping to get a facebook page up soon too. I'm not going toooo crazy with all of this, but I do want my information to be out there and to have fun with it.

You can find my new button in the upper left hand corner of this blog:)

Hope to see you there often!!

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