Thursday, April 9, 2009

i know, i know

I've been very, very bad at posting to this blog. VERY. I really am sorry though and I do want to try to do better. Hopefully I can gain some sort of readership back. Just so you know I have had a pretty good excuse (at least I think so). On top of normal pregnancy first trimester sickness I have been hit with a head cold, then a flu for several days, then a major sinus infection, and am still dealing with a little residual effects of all of that and the medication I had to take to try to get rid of all of that junk in my system.

Now... on the horizon my little family and I will probably be moving at the end of this month. Because of the move in a couple of weeks I will not be stocking my etsy shop just quite yet. Fortunately I have had several people contact me that have been referrals from past customers or people that have just stumbled across my etsy shop and have kept fairly busy with a little bit of design work anyway.

So the good news is, I should have somewhere around six new blog designs to show off before the end of the month. And I plan to start posting to this blog regularly again. And I have everything ready to go to stock my etsy shop up with new packages and pricing options as soon as I have moved:) Yay!

Just to give you a little preview of some posts in the works- today I will post a few projects I have enjoyed over the past year that I have posted on my personal blog. I also have plans to show off some photographs I have taken and had some fun with in photoshop as well as share a few tips and tricks I use regularly in that wonderful program:) I will try to post anything else that strikes me as interesting and/or helpful to share as well.

Glad to be back, and hope to hear from some of you!

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