Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a couple new blog designs:

Here: Simply J Crochet ...I just added the background and navbar. We agreed to do some tradework- I love her work and can't wait to place my order!!!

And Here: A Bella Life...She was the winner of my recent giveaway and is getting married soon! Can't wait to see her wedding posts!!!

In other news, I am amidst official moving hustle and bustle... packing, cleaning, selling stuff on craigslist, trying to decide on if I want to mess with doing a garage sale or just donating a bunch of stuff. I'm still working on several designs for new and previous customers as well. I have everything ready to go to fill my etsy shop again as soon as we are moved into our new place and a little bit settled (I am hoping mid-May). Until then I will keep you posted on any new designs and any other fun things I can find time to show you!

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Ali said...

SO fresh, I love them!