Monday, February 7, 2011

isn't he cute?!

This was my first attempt at a glove-stuffed animal. I made a couple of mistakes but all in all I thought he turned out pretty cute!

I got the gloves on clearance for $2 and everything else I had around the house. I sewed his eyes with embroidery thread and I made his mane out of scrap felt. I realized in posting these pics that he still needs a tail. I think I will braid him a tail out of yarn and sew it on.

I also think he needs a little heart sewn on to his chest. Then I can give him to my 18 month old and see if he likes him enough to make more to add to my little glove-aminal family!


Sherrill said...

I love that SO MUCH! ADORABLE!!

Ali said...

Oh man, another tutorial I'm going to have to stick in my must-do folder! So so sweet. I hope Logan LOVES it:)

Ethatch said...

Darling Kaela! He has such personality, and I bet Logan will love it.

Half Coct said...

I had a friend that would make plush animals. She sewed the seams on the inside, but then it got to a point where she would have to sew on the outside, and there was always a one inch strip that looked odd. Anyways, how could she have avoided that?

~H. Coct

Kaela said...

There's not many ways to avoid that, but I was able to avoid it in this project because I just hand sewed one glove inside the other. In general when sewing plushies- the key to sewing after stuffing is making the last hole you sew as small as possible and in an inconspicuous place.