Thursday, February 17, 2011

organizing 2011

Remember this post on organizing jewelry? I'm guessing no, but I want to update it a little. We've moved from an apartment to our first home in the last year and I've found a better way to store my earrings and jewelry and thought I would share.

I store my earrings in this now and LOVE it:

The rest of my jewelry now goes in a standing mirror jewelry armoire. You can see a teeny bit of it in the picture below.

Another storage solution I came up with and love (I think I came up with it... maybe my sister gave me the idea... but I don't think I have seen it anywhere) is this one for some of my hair stuff:


The upper two pictures are mainly what I wanted to show you- just two old oatmeal containers store all my headbands (I have a lot I know). What a great way to store headbands etc. though, right?! You could make them a lot more visually appealing by modge-podging some pretty paper on them I'm sure, but I just never seem to get around to it. I'm not that motivated because nobody ever sees them really but me.

The lower two pictures I thought I would show you because that is where I store all my getting ready stuff and I get ready there each morning. We only have one bathroom in this little home of ours for now, so it comes in pretty handy. It's just a sofa table (hand-me-down) we painted, then put shoe storage shelves (garage sale find) underneath it for storage. I used fabric from curtains I got at a garage sale (10 for $10!!) and tailor-made them to cover up my stuff down there. I made side panels for the bottom too, but put them on after I took this picture.

Oh, and the mirror above it? I got it for $1 at a yard sale and painted it to match too:) I love me some good deals!!

Hope these have inspired you in some small way...

I hesitate to post house pics, because my house is never how I want it really, but I've decided recently to be proud of what I have done and be okay that it is all a works in progress. So expect to see more house pics and let me know what you think.


Amy Sue said...

I love the earring holder idea! Are they just shadow boxes? I have seen the headband holder idea here
And I love your creative vanity! I need to make myself one of those! Keep sharing Kaela!

Ali said...

Great ideas Kaela...I NEED to hire you. Can you help me look for a house and then organize it all for me??

Ethatch said...

Youj're good!...I love your ideas, and the job you've done..Martha, move over!

Trish said...

Love, Love, Love the earring idea. That is going to happen at my house this week!!

Cindy said...

What are those frames holding your earrings? Where can you get them??

Kaela said...

I think I got mine at Michael's. You can get shadow boxes at most craft stores. The trick is to get one that opens up easily with hinges:)