Friday, May 20, 2011


Did you all think I had dropped off the face of the planet? Truth be told, my husband got a second job and I have had very little free time as of late. The free time I do have is generally spent playing with my boys, spring cleaning, cooking, catching up on my google reader, tending to church related stuff, reading up on how to be a better mom, and the likes. I have found time to fit in some projects, but haven't found the motivation to blog about them as of yet.

Here are a few things though...

I took some senior pics the other week for a cute girl and posted them on my photo blog here:

I designed some announcements for a friend of mine who is adopting:

I made this quiet activity for my boys to play with at church:
It works great! I got the artwork here, printed it all out on magnetic printer paper, cut it out and stuck it all in one of these tins I got from Michael's using a 40% off coupon. I am thinking of making some more magnet sets- the possibilities are endless! Did you know that most kid movies and shows have awesome websites with free printable characters?! Check out this cool magnet set too!!! So much fun:)

I also thought of a cool way to use all those round little containers that come in the tins I bought:
(sorry for the not-so-hot photo above, but I didn't want to wait to post any longer)
I came up with this idea after my little boy came home from preschool with the letters of his name written on the tops of milk carton lids... I decided to make the whole alphabet and have plans to make numbers also. I simply printed out a well spaced alphabet on printable sticker paper, cut each letter out with a circle punch I had (3/4"), and stuck them onto the cute little containers. Uppercase on top of the clear lid, and lower case inside. We have had a lot of fun making up words with them! With numbers I plan to put numbers on top and the corresponding number of dots on the inside. What a fun learning tool for getting him ready for kindergarten, right?!

Anyway, those are just a few of the things that I have been up to. Hopefully more fun posts of fun summer ideas, and activities are on the way. We are hoping to get to some remodeling done in our home this summer too, so I will also try to share any tips I learn with you all:) TTFN!!


Anna said...

Loved the senior photos. She has such a radiant presence.

And I love the adoption announcement. Charming. Makes me wonder about the timeline, if they were in suspense for long on the official adoption -- I can't imagine doing something like fostering a baby and not getting to officially adopt them til later. Congrats to them and their happy family!

Trish said...

I love the senior photos (course you already know that!) and I am loving the magnetic activity!! I think those are great. You are so creative...keep sharing it:)