Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a few things...

Things are a brewing over here. My husband will most likely be quitting his second job and I am going to attempt to start my own photography and design business!! Over the next few months I plan to work on getting my photography and design portfolio posted to a new blog, combine this blog with my photography blog in a big redesign and hopefully will be posting regularly... really regularly, unless my business takes off soooo fast that I can't keep up with a blog. Ha! That probably won't happen. So... bare with me and I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much to all of you who check this blog occasionally and even better, SUBSCRIBE (bless you :) )!!

Here's a fun tip in the meantime. Are you a budding photographer? Or are you just getting into photography to take better pictures of loved ones? I have to tell you about the great deals I found this week so you can be on the lookout for similar deals in your area!! Tis' the season for garage-saling ;) I picked this up at a garage sale this last week for $45 (retail $150)!!

Then during a DI run I found this for $5!!! It's an old screen projector:)

I thought back to a product I had seen while browsing around like it here that was used for baby backgdrops, which retailed for $200!!

I love my $5 version!! It is COMPLETELY adjustable and collapses down so that it is oh-so-easy to transport.

I am still on the lookout now for a bigger background/backdrop stand for cheap somehow. I made one about two years ago out of PVC pipe, but I wasn't very happy with how it worked. It wasn't very strong and was a bit of a headache. Until then though I am excited about the above finds and have lots to learn about studio lighting:)


Anna said...

Good for you Kaela! Best of Luck.

Trish said...

Awesome deals for you this week! Was it at that sale just 2 doors down from you? I kept driving by and it just looked like books and small stuff so I never stopped:( My family was just talking tonight about when we could do our pictures....trying to get everyone's work schedules clear is a PAIN! But we will let you know as soon as we do!