Tuesday, September 21, 2010

halloween: my plans

I think my love of Halloween stems from my love of candy. I also love to dream up costume ideas, decor ideas, and party ideas.

This is what I am planning for this year:


My eldest will be Pinnochio. He has recently developed a fascination with the character and his story and I am taking full advantage as I love Pinnochio! My baby boy will be Cleo the fish (I know Cleo is a girl, but oh well). And I will be figaro the cat (because being a cat is officially the easiest adult costume out there and I was lucky it fit our 'theme'). I told my husband he could be Geppetto or the Blue Fairy and he opted for neither as he does every year.

I am pretty stoked about how the costumes are turning out. This is what I have so far.

Cleo, the fish:

I am so proud of this little costume. It certainly is not perfect, but I love it anyway. I came up with it after researching all the little fish costumes I could find online. My favorite was this one from Martha, but I didn't trust myself to be able to sew those scales so perfectly and I knew my baby was now too mobile to put up with the bunting type costume anymore so I dreamt this little number up:) The best part is it cost me about $5!!!


This costume was fairly simple as well. I was lucky to get a yellow polo on clearance, then headed off to my local Joannes to pick up the felt for the hat, the feather, the buttons, and cheap fabric for the shorts and bow. This probably cost me between $10-15. I used a pajama bottom pattern I had for the shorts and just put the elastic in the back. I love making costumes (when they turn out). They are usually cheaper, look better and of better quality than costumes from the store!!

For my Figaro costume I am just going to wear all black and put on some ears, a tail, and a little nose and whiskers via a little face paint.

I will be getting my Halloween decorations out this weekend. I meant to last weekend, but such is life. I am hoping to make this craft with my four year old to add to our decorations this year.

And next week we are planning to have a small party here too. Basically just a yummy dinner and pumpkin carving with a few other families and some decorations. I will share those details on here soon:)


Ali said...

I am so so impressed with your fish (and pinnochio!), but I think your fish looks even better than Martha's...and that ghost craft- I've had my eye on that one too! I just saved it away in my "to do later" craft box yesterday:) Of course, if it goes there, I prob. won't get to it this year!

Amy Sue said...

Ok, you amaze me more and more! Both costumes are AMAZING! And it's not that I am surprised at all! I just wish I had your talent and creativity! Thanks for sharing the ghost, I'll have to try it out.

Sherrill said...

Please blow some talent my way!? Incredible!!!

Ethatch said...

Awesome Kaela, just awesome.

Rachael M said...

These are amazing! I can't wait to see the pictures-- your boys will be over-the-top cute. I must say, I'm a little disappointed that Paul doesn't want to be the blue fairy. I can't imagine why not.... ;-) Now THAT would be a Kodak moment!

Matt & Viki said...

You did an AWSOME Job. I agree with Ali I prefer your fish costume. Lucky boys to have such a thrifty creative mom.

Cami said...

I love home made costumes too. The thought of those cheaply made expensive store bought polyester costumes makes me cringe. (I don't mind them on other people - I just don't like to spend my $$ on them). We go homemade for the most part (don't look at Stephen last year - I will look like a hypocrite). I must say that your skills put mine to shame - that fish costume is STUNNING! Pinnochio is perfect and I am sure you will be a very cute Figaro!

The Coleman Family said...

All I can say is ADORABLE!!!

You really are amazing. Where do you find the time???????

Erin Dooley said...

These are AMAZING! You are so talented!!!

Chelle said...

Oh my gosh!! These are sooo cute! You're amazing! I just sewed a jedi robe for Kole & after cutting 2 parts got so disoriented I was begging my Mom to take over (yah...for a robe). I'm super impressed, because sewing is HARD! Love the scales & I like them better than the project that inspired yours.