Wednesday, August 26, 2009

about this blog

I started this blog at the same time I opened up my custom design etsy shop. I was happy with how well my etsy shop did off the bat, and struggled to keep up with my life and blogging. Since then we have moved, our family is expanding, and life has been busier than we anticipated. I have put my etsy shop on hold, seeing as how we have a new baby scheduled to arrive within the month, but hope to be able to open it up again when I get into the swing of taking care of two little boys (three if you count my husband, though he certainly doesn't qualify as little).

Still though, I have the desire to blog. Ideally I would like to share whatever I am up to, whatever I see that inspires me, and tips and tricks I have found and use that help me in my hobbies or just in life. Whether that be about food, fashion (what little sense I have), crafting, kids, mothering, photography, shopping, homemaking, cleaning, gardening, or some other random thing… I just love sharing information, mainly because I love getting information and would like to return the favor. Subscribing to inspiring blogs has completely enhanced my life (as long as I remember to keep the slight obsession I have in check), so I would like to give back. I hope you will enjoy visiting me often as I strive to put worthwhile things on here.

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Ali said...

I'm glad your back...though, this may be just a teaser for me cause I bet you'll start updating as much as I want just in time for that little bambino to come and then you'll need a break again?! OR hopefully, this can be your outlet or activity of choice while you constantly feed the little sucker :) Can you blog and breastfeed at the same time? It will have to be something to try out!