Friday, August 28, 2009

free font friday

Free font Friday is not something you will see every Friday. Just today. I just wanted to show those who aren't familiar with all of the fonts there are to download off of the internet for free some of my favorite sources. There. are. lots. And they are super easy to install on your computer.

If you are unsure of how to install them here is an easy guide for Windows users:

And one for Macs:

You see, in addition to me being a magazineaholic I am also kind of a fontaholic. I’m a lot of “aholics” actually. I am kind of a collector of free things and good deals.

If you look around you will find that there really are a lot of free things and good deals up for grabs. The trick to picking up the habit of being a deal finder is to have discriminating taste. Otherwise you will soon find you have a lot of junk. I could go on about this, but I am sure this will be a recurring theme in this blog and will be covered many different ways in many different forms as I share with you things that I like and find.

Today I want to focus on fonts... erh I mean typefaces (sorry to all my fellow graphic designers, but let's face it- most people know them as fonts).

The picture above shows just a few fun fonts from my favorite website for free fonts, New fonts are always being added and it seems to be the most complete source for all free fonts. A good place to start looking on this site is at their top 100, but they really do have a font for anything. I also love that their site is really easy to navigate around and the fonts are easy to download.

Above are some fonts from a great blog I recently stumbled upon that is an awesome source for many things, but especially for free handwriting and scrapbooking fonts. Visit it here: {Be sure to check out her normal blog as well and see all of her super yummy recipes and pictures to drool over as well- she is quite the domestic diva!}

You can download the popular Ali Edward’s as seen above font here:

And as far as good deals go, you can find a ton of free fun fonts for cheap at Two Peas here: (You can also find a few free fonts on this site).

So there is my quick guide to my favorite sources. Hope you will take the time to download a few new fonts to your computer over the weekend. I promise, you will not be sorry!


Ali said...

Thanks for the tutorial...I need to get in on this! When I was looking for a font for Evan's ship picture I definitely had to settle with limited options. I hope I can try this soon!

Anna said...

Great post. I love fonts. I can't tell you how much I want a separate just for blogging picures and scrapbooking... Maybe someday, when I get a craft room.

Ben J Hamilton said...

Hi, I like your blog - hope you keep it going. Thought I might let you know of a blog I found just today. It’s all about design and many posts point you to some free fonts. Also heard you were pregnant so…congratulations!

Cami said...

Thanks for sharing! I just downloaded some fun fonts :)