Sunday, August 30, 2009

baby due any day

As I've mentioned a couple times before, I'm pregnant, very pregnant these days. I am due at the end of September and am excited, nervous, scared, anxious, can't wait, can't believe it, have a bunch I want to do, and am not sure how/if I am going to do it all.

So today, as I debated on whether to head into my little crafting bungalow and get some of the stuff made for my little bambino or look at etsy for some 'inspiration' (as well as see if I wanted to just go ahead and buy some handmade stuff rather than try to make all that I wanted to make), I stumbled across these adorable waterproof diapers from Olive Jane's etsy shop.

Seriously, how cute is her stuff?!

I love the peas and carrots set so much, they almost make me wish I were having twins.

Then I saw that I could enter a giveaway here and have a chance at actually winning one... even better! You can enter to win too here:

Hopefully soon I will have some of my own creations to share with you... or maybe I will just show off some more cute stuff I want from etsy. Ha!

1 comment:

Ali said...

Oh my, you are going to have the cutest things to photograph this new bambino in :) (i hope you win!)