Monday, December 1, 2008

december first

December is officially here! To me, December first has always meant the arrival of one of Santa's special helpers in my home, my beloved Mr. Goody. I grew up with a Mr. Goody at my house. Mr. Goody comes to watch over little boys and girls to make sure they are being good. Every morning Mr. Goody hides in a new spot for us to find him. We can't touch him or he will go back to the North Pole. I missed Mr. Goody from my childhood, so I am excited that Santa decided to send us a Mr. Goody this year:)

{I got him here}

In other December first related traditions I have seen a few advent calendars on this wonderful world wide web that I have loved. I don't have one yet, but am thinking of making one this year so that I have one next year. Here are a few favorites from my round-up.

1. craftastica blog creation.
2. flickr find.
3. from shimandsons
4. from mod cottage
5. found here. My sister did one like this last year that turned out really cute.
6. the oh-so talented Ali Edwards came up with this lovely idea.
7. from loveland misc. {free download!}

A few more flickr finds:

8. Love this style.
9. Love the fabric used on this one.
10. If I were a more confident quilter I might attempt this one.

And one more... how cool is this. I may have to start buying more mints and collecting tins!

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