Thursday, December 4, 2008

on inspiration and the world wide web

First, an update: A few posts back I promised I would let you know how the light keeper pro worked out. Well I did figure it out- it is pretty cool. I highly recommend them if you have a pre-lit tree.

Now on the world wide web: other than cleaning house, working on some designs, and playing with my little guy today, I, of course, surfed the internet. Can you believe the internet?! The avenues it has opened up to the whole world?!?! I subscribe to a bunch of blogs that inspire me and introduce me to all sorts of cool new websites, people and things. But sometimes I feel a little too inspired if you know what I mean. There are so many amazing people and things out there, who needs little old me?

There are so many cool things I see I never know what to share exactly that feels true to who I am, what I want this blog to be, and isn't just copying someone else. What I have come up with for today is oeuf. The products, the website, the images just spoke to me. Unfortunately they are a little out of my pricerange for the time being (as are most things that speak to me). But until I can afford them or learn to knit like my amazing mother, it doesn't hurt to share it with others and enjoy it all the same, right?! Below are some of the drool-worthy things you can find there.

See more here.

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