Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy holidays

Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! I am not ready to say good-bye to my Christmas decorations as this whole month seemed to fly by!

My Christmas gift to myself today was to be somewhat unproductive and veg a little. There was so much hustle and bustle leading up to the festivities, it felt nice to have a little down time.

During my break today I was able to organize some of my idea files, recipe books, play with Kaden, watch a cheesy tv Christmas movie, and revamp my to-do list. I am looking forward to the New Year and am feeling rather resolute already with some big goals in mind for 2009.

I hope to have some give-aways around the corner, some more pre-made designs in my shop, and to have some more blog design packages and pricing available, as that is what has sold the best so far.

I would love to hear if anyone has requests as far as what they would like to see in my shop and/or what they would like to see more/less of on my blog.

As far as my etsy jewelry shop goes, I think I have decided to shut it down as soon as the listings expire and focus more on my design shop. So if you have been eyeing any of the pieces, you have until January 22nd to purchase them. I plan to keep the hobby up because I really enjoy creating and wearing what I make, but currently am not feeling driven to go through the photography and listing process for future pieces I make and want to focus more on design.

Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying quality family time!!


Anna said...

what about jewelry making tutorials, or just in general tutorials. I love blog posts that teach me how to do stuff. That would be stellar.

Anna said...

oh and if you put tutorial in the title I bet that will get you lots of hits from google. People seem to search for tutorials a lot.