Wednesday, December 10, 2008

holiday gift guide: catch all

Okay, so this gift guide is kind of random but has a lot of fun things in it. Some of them are kind of gag-gifty, some of them are more like stocking stuffers. But at any rate, there are lots of good ideas and sources. So, without further ado....

For the Gardner in Your Life:

1. Talking Bean Plant! $15
2. Grow a Wish Kit $19

For Grandparents:

Help the grandparents in your life show that not only do they have the cutest grandkids, but they are technologically savvy with these gifts!
1. Digital Photo Key Chain $18
2. Digital Photo Watch $60
3. Digital Photo Display with Touch Screen$99

For Men:

1. Guide for New Dads$13 (I think I am going to get this for my man before we have another baby!!)
2. Tie Tack $9
3. Tie $30
4. Cuff LInks $10
5. Wrist Cuff/Wallet $45

For Moms:

1. Mama's Little Book of Tricks $13
2. Supermom Necklace $23

For Parents:

1. Airfork One $10
2. Wheel of Responsibility $13
3. Kid Remote $9

More for the Ladies (of all ages!):

1. Funny Earrings $40 (the second pair would be funny to give your teen, although, they probably, like, totally wouldn't wear them)
2. Mini Chi Travel Set $99
3. Decorative Hair Elastics $5
4. Feather Headband $34
5. Poppy Pins $5
6. Reversible Headband$8
7. Feather Hair Clip $18
8. Headband Set $10
9. Travel Jewelry Wallet $25
10. Jewelry Tree $49
11. More Cute Bobbie Pins $10
12. This one isn't pictured above but ANY Bare Escentuals kit I'm sure would be well received!

More Random Stuff:

1. For Your Resident Thespian $7 (This guy has lots of cool Shakespearian illustration stuff)
2. For the Writer in Your Life $8
3. For Animal Lovers $20

1. For the Brownie Edge Lover $36
2. For ANYONE $5 (This etsy store has lots of cute cheap downloadables)
3. For a Reader $4

{Prices are rounded to the nearest dollar}

Oh, and did I forget to mention? Of course, anything from any of my two etsy shops would be a wonderful gift also:) Ha!

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