Monday, December 8, 2008

holiday gift guide: babies and kids

Here are some adorable and educational gift ideas for babies and kids for reasonable prices! Wish I could get them all!!

1. Etsy $27.50
2. Etsy $11.99
3. Etsy $24
4. Etsy $24.99
5. Uncommon Goods $18

1. Uncommon Goods $34
2. Liapela $50
3. Uncommon Goods $40- This was one of my favorite stories when I was little
4. Modern Nursery (set of three) $25
5. Uncommon Goods $36- Kaden loves monsters and I know he would love this book and little monster friend.
6. Uncommon Goods $50
7. Etsy $36
8. Moolka $22.49
9. Oompa $13.49

Can you tell I love books? I would have put the whole Oompa website on here if I could have. Visit their site for hours of fun!! Stay tuned for more gift guides!

Here's a link to some great etsy gift guides also!


Ali said...

Are you kidding me? A BIlly GOAT GRUFF fabric story book??!! I loved that book too- So cute. thanks for the tips and ideas :)

Sjauna said...

Thanks for posting Gracious May's shoes! I've seen them before, and I love them, but I forgot about them!

ps: I'm a friend of Sherrill's and I love your stuff!