Tuesday, September 1, 2009

homemade onesies

One of the etsy inspired crafts I wanted to attempt before the baby came was to make these:
{Can be found and purchased here.}

and some of these:

{Can be found and purchased here.}

I had attempted to make things like this before with some success, but found it to be time consuming and I definitely could have improved on my first attempts. These are some gifts I made for two of my sisters who had babies within the last year:

Like I said, they worked and were cute enough, but could have been improved upon (sorry sisters... I still thought they were pretty cute).

Anyway, then I remembered that I had t-shirt transfer printer paper in my stash of stuff and wondered what my results might be if I were to try to create some t-shirts and onesies via that route. It was certainly a lot easier and I loved the results:

It was addicting too. I find myself thinking of all sorts I want to do with t-shirts and onesies for my little guys now. So until I can afford a YUDU, or have time to make cute appliqued stuff, t-shirt transfer printer paper will be my answer for designing fast cute clothes for my little kiddos!


Ali said...

The gift set you gave was perfect and you know how much we still love and use the binky clips even though they've outgrown the onesies! I am going to have to get myself some t-shirt transfer paper...or maybe I should get my color printer working first?!

Crazy Momma said...

The t-shirt transfer paper is fun - but from experience - you have to be careful with the washing. I made t-shirts for everyone for a basketball game at the beginning of the summer, and a couple of them are already discolored or pilling.

Crazy Momma said...

oh, and everything is super cute!

ANDREA said...

kaela you are SOOOO talented and CREATIVE and amazing at figuring stuff out and making stuff look so cute! you inspire me and put me to shame and make me feel like a lame-o butt all at the same time. i love you and Im sorry im such a poo friend and didn't know you were even having a 2nd boy. Congrats. Hope everything goes well with that. love you!