Friday, September 18, 2009

binkie clips

Since our second baby will be our second boy, I was feeling pretty prepared, but for fun have decided to welcome this boy with homemade goods. I haven't worked full time throughout this pregnancy, so it has been easier to make the time to craft a little (somewhat... as it turns out taking care of my little boy has turned out to be a lot harder than my job was, but at least I can multitask some and make some time for some home crafting a little easier).

So, after I got my bassinet done, I decided to make some binkie clips. It is another simple, easy, fast and addicting craft I highly recommend. The Little Birdie Secrets blog has a great tutorial here. The differences I made were, I sewed all of my velcro on to make sure it was super secure and didn't add cute buttons as to cut down on the possible choking hazards.

Here are the first couple of binkie clips I made:

Here are the supplies for my next batch of binkie clips:

I plan to use these as part of baby gifts in the future. I got rave reviews from my sisters that I made some for- super sturdy, lightweight, cute, and the perfect length:)

For another way to make binkie clips you can visit here.


Ali said...

Aw, I really like your alphabet one! So cute!

Rachael M said...

These are so great. It seems like it is hard to find many binkie clips in stores these days, and then when you do, they're very girly or not as cute! Yours will make wonderful gifts!