Thursday, September 3, 2009

making jewelry (II)

Another thing I had been meaning to make for awhile in the way of jewelry was scrabble tile pendants. I bought a kit from a friend of mine awhile back when I was just getting into jewelry making and finally got around to doing it. It was fast, fun, and addicting. I should have designed my own images for the centers like a good designer, I know. But I was lazy and used scrapbook paper. I think I will do more now using images I have designed.

For a great tutorial on how to make them click here.

To buy a kit you can visit my friend's etsy shop (she has good products at great prices and ships fast). Other people on etsy sell them too. You can even buy them already made. In fact the top jewelry seller on etsy according to etsy wiki sells fabulous scrabble tile pendants and is also the author of the tutorial link found above.

Another cool thing you can find on etsy for these is a collection of cool images for your pendants via digital image collage sheets. Just wanted to share another fun easy craft. These make great gifts and would also be an easy fun craft to do with your kids!

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