Wednesday, September 9, 2009

organizing jewelry

With two recent posts about making jewelry, I thought it might be appropriate to do one about organizing it. Is it just me or does coming up with a good organization system for your jewelry seem to be sort of tricky? I have tried all sorts of systems. For a long time I had the better portion of my jewelry in a nice jewelry box similar to this one:

I liked it better than previous systems I had tried, but quickly outgrew it as I started making jewelry.

Another problem I find with storing my jewelry is that I am lazy. If my jewelry is put away too well, I find I don't wear it as much as I should.

As I searched for a better organization solution I came across a few options I really liked such as these from PBTeen:

...but I still wasn't sure how much it would all store, and the minimalist in me didn't want a bunch of things to put on my dresser or in my bathroom.

I also thought a jewerly armoire like this one might be the way to go:

...but again I didn't want another piece of furniture in my already somewhat crowded room.

I considered a hanging canvas solution like this one:

...but didn't want to put my necklaces in it and have them get all tangled.

Another idea I came across that I thought about was a wall mount jewelry armoire in the form of a picture frame or mirror such as this:

...but alas, because of everything I have in currently in my bedroom (tons of windows, and no real good place to put it), it still wasn't really the right solution for me.

Eventually the solution I came up was this one:

...simple, organized, and easy to get to!! Sorry the photos aren't the greatest. My jewelry is kind of hiding in a poorly lit corner of my room.

I came up with the earring solution in my head, proposed it to my husband to see if he could make it for me, and he was able to whip it out fairly easily with scraps he had hanging out in his shop. So, first and foremost I am thankful for a handy husband. We have since decided on a few tweaks to the design that would make it work a little better that will be easy to fix when we take it down when we move again, but I love it so far.

For my necklaces and bracelets, I was inspired while at DI when I saw the simple wooden accordion coat hanger, brought it home, hit it up with some spray paint, and voila!!

Want more diy jewelry organization inspiration? Check out these other great ideas I found on the web (click on the links for more info on each solution):

I think down the road I may like trying something similar to this. I love the idea of having cutely framed jewelry storage!

Natalie came up with a great solution for storing all of her jewelry with the help of her husband too. And she has one big jewelry collection!

How cute is this one?!

This idea came from a guest post featured on Designmom:

Find more great ideas from this post!


Anna said...

wow, you have some serious jewelry. I really like the frame with kind of a wire mesh, for earrings, Brilliant.

us*limes said...

i made a tiny frame like the one in this post for erika a few months back. and it was SUPER cheap! although the frame i used wasn't nearly as cheap as the one on your post.
i got a frame from the dollar store or a thrift shop and some aluminum screen mesh. the kind for window screens. cut out the mesh and hot glue to the back. i don't know if she uses it, but i use mine. all the time. for everything.
but i really like your idea, too. the fact that it is on hinges is genius! and i LOVE the word earrings!