Wednesday, June 2, 2010

birthday list

June is my birthday month.

Today is my little sis' birthday (Happy Birthday Ali).

If you want to get me a gift for my upcoming birthay, any of the following items would be great.

Perfect summertime shoes (er, I mean sandals according to Sanuk):

I got a wannabe Bosch for my wedding. I loved it until it died and the wannabe Bosch company is no longer in business to sell me replacement parts. I am told Bosch's don't die. Oh how I would love to have the convenience of a big power mixer back in my life, preferably a Bosch:

Oh and while I am using my bosch, I would love to be able to listen to my iPod:

Any of these would be fun... not that I have time to craft these days, but someday...

I could go on with camera equipment and computer program upgrades, but I don't want to get too greedy. Ha!

Okay Universe, I've put this out there, now its time to have these manifested in my life. Tehe:)


Lyric said...

I found your site through Ali's site and have been following you ever since . . . I didn't know you were her sister!! Funny. She's a good friend of mine . . . you're lucky to be her sister. Hope you have a great birthday and that you get everything on your wishlist! Happy birthday.

Ali said...

That is too funny. Just yesterday I was on zappos and had that exact color/pair of shoes up on my screen wishing I could add them to my cart...instead I just wrote them down on my wish list- I love those!! Wish I could get them for your birthday in just 27 days also:)