Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Someday I really do hope to do a better job of keeping this blog up. I have high hopes for doing better this year. We just bought our first home. It feels good to know that we won't be moving this time next year.

This is the 16th time I have moved since I moved out of my parents home 10 years ago and my 9th move in my 6 1/2 years of marriage. That is a lot of time spent moving, settling in, making friends, etc. etc. It feels good to be establishing a little firmer roots in a small cute town.

You'd think I would learn to live with less stuff with all those moves, but inevitably each move has felt harder and it seems we have acquired a LOT of stuff in the few years we have been married. I am looking forward to having a garage sale soon and doing some major decluttering.

Anywho... the one part I love about moving- is the good clean feeling you have after moving out of one place and completely settling into another. Oh and decorating. I suppose I will miss those two things and have to figure out how to redefine those two things I love while staying in the same home for more than a year.

Here are some things I am hoping to purchase for our new diggs in the next little while:

Want this for my little boys room:

I also would like to make some sort of pennant banner or garland for my boys room.

For our room, I am waiting for Paul to make me a head board like this. I am guessing he will get around to it by this time next year.

(...Speaking of this sort of thing, have you seen this blog?)

Then there is the wall across from our bed. We only have one bathroom in our home so I am making the area across from our bed a vanity for me. I have a long mirror that is set low and above that mirror I am considering some of these options:

This quote:

This graphic:

Or a combination of three Prints something like any of these combos (I am thinking of designing my own... have I mentioned how I love type based posters?):

From this shop:

Or these from here:

Or these:

I love that I can customize the color combos on so many of the above.

Other things I have considered for said wall include a modge podge of things like our wedding picture, wedding invitation, initials, silhouettes, etc. etc.... something along these lines organizationally.

Or a shelf with line with the above sort of combination???? Can you tell I have thought a lot about what to do on this wall;)

Any thoughts?

Also wanted to share these things I fell in love with in my searches:
Other things I found to love on etsy along these lines:



Also if you are LDS, check these out:

Primary Bird

Persimmon & Pink

Sugar Fresh

West willow

Have Joy Designs

type type type

the kiki comin shoppe

Gotta love all the options out there!!!
And... just kidding though I am sure I could go on and on:)

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christy b., that's me! said...

great designs.
I am a math/LA teacher and I love letters and numbers as design elements in my home and classroom.

love the blog!