Tuesday, June 8, 2010

father's day round up

Do you have any Father's Day traditions? In my opinion the perfect Father's Day consists of as much yummy food as possible, a good Father's Day card and/or gift, and just laying back... man style:)

I used to think guys were hard to shop for. I now think that I was just making things too complicated for myself. I used to go from store to store looking for things I thought they would like- a new grooming kit, a nice pen and notepad, etc. etc. But as time went on I noticed that they really didn't end up using much of the stuff I got them.

Maybe your man, or your father appreciates small sentimental things, but I've given up on the never-ending hunts for the perfect little man gift. Even when I went out of my way to get a tool he wanted or something he had mentioned he wanted a while back I got the wrong brand or he had changed his mind.

The one thing I never seem to go wrong with though when it comes to gifts for my husband or dad is... CASH. So simple. So boring. Yet, so effective.

Anyway, here are some ideas for the men in your life this father's day. I even threw in a few fun ideas for any of you that may have one of those rare gem's in your life that appreciate small sentimental things:)

Gotta love letterpress:


My go to guy gift list:

1. Gift Cards to his favorite store or restaurant
2. Magazine subscription
3. Money, money, money


The perfect day foodwise for my husband would probably include the following-

Huevos Rancheros
Image here.
This is our favorite way to make it-
1. Warm corn tortillas on a skillet with a little oil.
2. Blend small can of green chiles, can of your favorite salsa (we like Herdez), a can of tomatoes, and a can of green enchilada sauce (we like Hatch). Then warm it in a small saucepan.
3. Poach some eggs.
4. Layer it all up- First the tortilla, then the egg, then some cheese, then the red sauce, then a little sour cream and green onion. Soooo yummy!!!

Big Lunch/Dinner-
Image here.
Ribs, a chicken, a turkey, a roast, etc. My husband loves to BBQ or smoke big hunks of meat. And the best BBQ sauce is Sweet Baby Rays. I take care of the sides and the dessert.

Mississippi Mud
Image here.
Find our favorite recipe to use here.

Evening Snack-
Popcorn & Apple Beer.
I like air popped popcorn with a little butter and salt. My husband likes theatre popcorn and recently discovered how to make it from home. The key to making theatre popcorn at home? The Whirly Pop. Make as directed and add a little extra melted (real) butter.

Did you see Jordan's cutest ever Father's Day Hero kit?

Or Bakerella's Fast Food Fun?

Of course, Martha has tons of oh-so-cute ideas.

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Sherrill said...

Lovin the more frequent posts! And have you found a good place for more heavy duty furniture? I think my favorite on this post are the burgers and fries. How do people think these things up?!!